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Etiquette is such a fancy word that some people think applies only to fancy situation i.e. formal dinners and receptions. Other people think that etiquette concerns itself with only minute details such as the correct way to hold your cutlery or tea cup in other words, etiquette is something that should be a part of everyday use. Etiquette should begin from home. Over the years, I have tried to teach the children some of the most important ones which I have listed below:

  • Always say please and thank you
  • Be responsible for your words and actions
  • Be polite to visitors who came to your house, this includes household staff and domestic staff
  • Keep your room tidy
  • Do not leave your dirty dishes for others to wash (unless you are under 6years)
  • Assist with family chores
  • Learn proper table manners and use them
  • Agree to disagree courteously
  • Speak, don’t shout
  • Be willing to share
  • Do not open a closed door without knocking
  • Do not eavesdrop, snoop or read other people’s letter, mails or text messages
  • Treat others properly with respect
  • Do not borrow or take another person’s belonging without asking
  • Be kind to one another
  • Leave things nicer than the way you found it i.e. toilet or bathroom
  • Think before you speak


By Ms. Ikebuwa B. Hope

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