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Jolly Phonics

Do you know that there’s an amazing synthetic phonics program that is famous for helping young children learn the act of reading and writing ahead of their peers?  It’s called Jolly Phonics.

Jolly Phonics is a phonics program created by British teachers, Sue Lloyd and Sarah Wernham.  It is based upon learning the 42 sounds of the English language which is different from many phonics programs that focus on the 26 letters of the alphabet.

Most phonics programs place a high importance on first learning the letter names and then the sounds that each letter makes. This hampers the children’s ability to read at an early stage however, Jolly Phonics on the other hand, does not value letter identification as much as it does actual sound. Reason being that letters of the alphabet make up words but sounds are what we put together to pronounce words.

Each sound (42 of them in the English Language) has a story, song and action that go with it. It therefore reaches all the learning modalities i.e. auditory, visual and kinesthetic.

Children not only hear the letter sounds but are also encouraged to see and feel them. This transforms reading and writing into an interactive and fun learning experience.

Jolly Phonics is divided into 7 groups of 6 sounds each. After learning the first 6 sounds (s, a, t, I, p, n), the children can start blending and reading words like “is, it, in, an, at, as, sat, pin, nip…..” This makes the children confident readers after only few lessons! All of the materials (workbooks, story books, DVDs, interactive software, games, flashcards, etc.) are available for schools and in home use.

Jolly Phonics is actually designed to start at age 3 and continue for 3 years but in Master Moulders, we encourage youngsters (2year +) to start learning these sounds earlier, using songs, stories of each sound, actions to each sound, jolly phonics wall frieze and flash cards amongst others, to give our children a head-start on literacy thereby encouraging them to enjoy the act of reading at an early age.

Jolly Phonics is famous for teaching the five (5) fundamental skills for reading and writing which are “learning letter sounds, learning letter formation, blending, identifying sounds in words and spelling tricky words:.

Bring your child(ren) to join us at Master Moulders International Academy for amazing, fun-filled activities that enhances everyday learning.

By Miss Blessing Ogbuehi

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