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Discipline – A Key To Success

Discipline may be defined as the practice or methods of teaching and enforcing acceptable patterns of behavior. Discipline is both a physical and a mental exercise, and it is directed at changing the behavior of a person. For example, if a pupil is fond of not doing hos assignments, certain disciplinary measures may be taken to change that habit. Also, if a pupil is sluggish, lazy or behaves disorderly, discipline can be enforced to make him or her change for the better.

When discipline is administered by a person on his own self, it is referred to as self discipline. Self discipline requires effort of teaching oneself to do the right thing. It also requires inner reflection. One will have to search inside oneself to identify bad habits and make efforts to get rid of them, after which one will begin to demonstrate good habits.

Why self discipline is very important is that one is first and foremost architect of one’s own life. As a child, one has parents and teachers guiding one and telling one what one ought to do, but as one grows up and become more aware of one’s environment, some of the responsibilities begin to fall on one’s shoulder. For instance, when one go to a boarding school, mummy and daddy will not be there to correct one for doing something wrong.

It is at that time that one will begin to realize the need for self discipline. Self discipline is very vital for success in any field of endeavor. If one wants to be a doctor, one must develop a good habit of reading and keeping good personal hygiene and also develop the habit of caring for people and treating them well. This is because when these habits become part of one, one will become a successful doctor in the future.

No matter the profession one wants to choose in life, discipline is always a stepping stone for success. This is one of the reasons a profession is also referred to as a discipline. This is because people in every profession undergo serious training and years of practice in order to become successful.

That is why Pastor Mrs. Titilayo Osinaike (our director) is among the most successful people today because she went through the process of self discipline very early through reading. Self discipline is in two major stages. Stage 1: where one look out for bad habits that one has to uproot while stage 2: is where you develop new good habits that will make you a better person.

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