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Primary School Excursion

Dear Esteemed Parents,

The Management and Staff of MMIA want to use this medium to express our profound appreciation to you all for your support and cooperation.

Yesterday, we went on  excursion, and the school visited two(2) different places in a bid to make the pupils learn and have fun too.  The two places we visited were the farm and the hotel.

At the farm, the pupils were able to learn about different crops, especially vegetables.  We were able to see and touch those crops.  The children also planted some vegetables and even watered some planted ones.  We were also taught the various economic, nutritional and health benefits of some of those crops.

At the hotel, we were taken to some of its facilities.  Some of the places we toured were the conference hall, the reception and the rooms.  In the rooms, we were taught of the importance of cleanliness, and the children were shown how to make their beds by themselves.  They were able to make some beds by themselves.

It was a wonderful outing indeed and the children really learned and had fun at the end.  Thank you, and God bless you all.

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