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Positive Mindset

The mind is a factory of ideas and thought processes. An enigma among creative works. Things come into existence through processes of which the mind is key. Things are hardly invented in the absence of it. Our mindset can make or mar our pursuits in life. The right mindset can unlock a world of possibilities. It is not an easy task maintaining a positive mindset in a world of uncertainties.

There are institutions supposedly saddled with these responsibilities [i.e helping others to develop the right mind frame] but it goes beyond that.

From the cradle, parents have a vitally significant role to play in helping to shape the individuality of the child towards positive deeds. The school is no exception, it is a forum for social interaction and exchanges. The child learns from his/her teacher how behavioural propriety and social responsibility can take the child to the peak in life.

Another institution that strives to mould our personality is the religious body. We learn from the sacred writings what God expects of us as humans. This, when keenly observed, creates in us a positive mind frame.

Barring failure from these key areas, we are expected to be the major actors in exhibiting positive attitude as we are the focal point in life’s individual race. Through a positive mindset the society and the world at large can become better. This must start from the individual.

Our life can be a reflection that will without words or coercion impel others to make a U-turn in life.

A good fraction of our life is spent interacting with other human beings. We can’t completely change others but can through our positive words and actions help those who come into our space learn something that can help them to become better persons in life.

A positive person acknowledges the fact that human beings are as imperfect as they are unpredictable, but he/she quickly adjusts in a positive way to leave a touch of warmth and affection through deeds and words on spontaneous grounds.

The reality is that our positive mindset cannot be appreciated by everybody, no matter how well-intentioned we are. However, little drops of positive words and contributions can go a long way to undo the harm and pains that have become almost unerasable.

Positive mindset should be cultivated. The way we address others, however lowly placed or in lofty position , should create a world of difference . Humans are equal in creation , though some only have the opportunity to be better off than others.

Our resolve should be maintaining a positive mindset in our little space. Let’s help those we can, encourage through words and deeds, make others feel equally important, even those others may consider insignificant, use words that build, make friends with those of like minds and pray for those hooked on vices.

When we begin to see others as equally important our words and actions will build and mould lives in a positive fashion. Our little contribution on a daily basis will affect lives within our sphere of reach and influence in a great way.

Never do we want create a chasm that separates and severs the chord and essence of our humanity.

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