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My mother’s like a blue bird

She sings me lovely tunes

And though she flied of in the day

And arrives the dead of the day

She sings her lovely blue bird songs

And makes me feel alright

My mother’s like a hawk

My every move she watches

If ever dear to stray

She hovers over constantly

Keeping me in track.


My mother’s like a hawk

She guards me all around

Not a finger can they lay

Nor a bruise upon my face

She roars and growls in my support

She makes me feel so safe.


My mother’s like a snail

She carries our burden

It hurts for me to watch

She keeps it all alone

So I need not alone

And then she says it’s all right

Just leave it all to Mummy


My mother’s like sloth

She sleeps her day away,

And even though I want her help

I know it’s better to leave her be

She needs a break from time to time

I love my mother so very much!!!


By Bassey Blessing (JSS2 Student)

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